Monday, December 13, 2010

Go ahead, have a cookie!

Go ahead and have a cookie, or maybe two. The idea is, trying to stifle a craving just makes it bigger, and eventually you won't be able to resist. Then you'll eat far more than you should. So it's way better to have 1-2 cookies now than a dozen or more later.
A study of female college students found that when they were asked to sit alone for a few minutes and think about chocolate, avoid thinking about chocolate, or think about whatever they wanted to, when they afterward were given chocolate, the ones who ate the most were those who had been told to NOT think about the stuff.
Here are a few tips (from Real Age) about when to give in to a craving.

Pick your battles. The longer your standoff with that chocolate-peppermint bark, the more dramatic your surrender may be. Allow yourself an occasional, sensibly sized treat. And afterward, don't feel bad, advises RealAge expert Keith Roach, MD. "Okay, you had the cookie. Now, don't beat yourself up about it," says Dr. Roach. "Because if you do, you're more likely to do something you'll really regret. Instead, actively enjoy -- and don't feel guilty about -- eating that cookie. Then, go make your home beautiful for the holidays."

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