Friday, January 27, 2012

Top Ten Things You Can Do for a Healthier 2012

Here's a recap of my healthy foodie rules for living the good life -- a life that is healthy, of course, but also happy and fulfilled.
Few of us will be able to live up to these goals all the time, but I do think it's worth trying, most of the time.

Scroll down to older posts if you want to read details or tips for how to build these principles into your daily life.

Have a great 2012!
Pama (l) with her trainer

1. Eat at home, and cook your food. (That way, you'll know what you're eating)
2. Eat 9 servings of fruits & veggies every day. (There's virtually no upper limit on how many of these good foods you should incorporate into your way of life.)
3. Exercise 45-60 minutes a day. (Take a break once or twice a week, but otherwise -- move your butt!)
4. Avoid supermarket and fast-food meats. (Cut back on red meat overall, too.)
5. Minimize liquid calories. (Not easy if you are a wine-lover like I am!)
6. Eat good fats. (Don't cut out fat altogether, but choose carefully.)
7. Snack smart. (Avoid the vending machines.)
8. Monitor your health. (See doctors when needed.)
9. Take it easy at restaurants. (Eating out is fun, but don't go overboard.)
10. Eat breakfast every day. (That old advice is good advice.)


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