Saturday, December 1, 2012

Wine Guy Bistro (Hyde Park)

Tuna entree at Wine Guy
Just a quick note: we had our best meal yet the other night at this restaurant in Rookwood Plaza, Hyde Park. Wine Guy Bistro is part of a small chain, based in Columbus OH. It's a restaurant, wine bar and retail store. Mostly, I've gone there for lunch. This week we had dinner and both ordered a seafood entree. My tuna (foreground in the photo) was an excellent dish, and healthy, too. My husband's salmon was a bit richer -- it sits atop a slab of potato au gratin and is topped by a buttery corn relish -- but he can handle the extra calories. I also had a couple of glasses of an interesting Austrian white wine, a blend of Riesling, chardonnay and Gruner Vetliner.

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