Monday, May 5, 2014

Encore: Murphin Ridge Inn

Riding with the Amish
Another wondrous, restful, delicious weekend in Adams County, OH -- 70 miles east of our home in Cincinnati. We've come to think of the inn, known far and wide for its restaurant, as our country home. MURPHIN RIDGE INN, that is.
 Here are a few photos. In addition to walking in the woods, lying on a hammock, hanging out on the porch of our cabin in a rocking chair and of course eating breakfast and dinner there, this time we had a brief ride in a horse-drawn buggy with an Amish woman who works at the inn, and a quick look at a small helicopter that buzzed in one night.
Pancakes with a view

Me at dinner
Killer Pork Chop!

With the little heli

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