Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Healthy Foodie good eats -- CIlantro Vietnamese (near UC)

I don't know any better place for an inexpensive, healthy lunch near U.C. (where I work) than Cilantro Vietnamese Bistro. (No website so no link.) Most of the time, I carry out a couple of the "soft rolls," pictured above. Try both the pork and shrimp or the tofu--they're equally tasty, chock full of lean protein and crunchy raw veggies, and they come with a sweet, tasty peanut dipping sauce. They're only $1.70 each! It's enough lunch for me.
Bigger appetites should try one of the noodle bowls, also pictured. They also make salad bowls--fewer carbs and calories, and quite filling.
Cilantro is at 2510 Clifton Avenue, across from Hughes High School and a block from the U.C. Law School building.

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