Monday, September 26, 2011

Rue Dumaine and Rookwood Restaurant -- Excellent Dining

I had a couple of very good dining experiences this past weekend, and I'd definitely recommend both of these restaurants: Rue Dumaine in Centerville (near Dayton) and Rookwood Restaurant in Mt. Adams (Cincinnati).
Appetizers & Negroni Cocktail at Dumaine

Fish Special at Dumaine

Rue Dumaine was a surprise, basically because I was ignorant of its existence. I drove up from Cincinnati with two friends, and all I knew in advance was that this is a French restaurant one of my friends had tried once and liked.
Well, Rue Dumaine is indeed a marvelous French restaurant with a female chef-owner who made a splash in the much larger culinary pond of New Orleans. She moved back to her Ohio hometown and opened this serious eatery in a growing suburb southeast of Dayton. We were impressed by the artisnal cocktails, interesting wine list, lively ambiance and -- best of all -- very good food. Pictured are my Negroni cocktail and one of the featured salads (top), and the grilled amberjack special that two of us enjoyed. (The third had duck breast.)

Then on Sunday I went with my husband and another couple to Rookwood Restaurant so that we could enjoy their terrific deck while the weather is still warm enough. Once again, a highlight is their interesting cocktail list. There's a wood-burning grill on the deck that imparts amazing flavor to whatever comes off it -- mostly burgers and skewers of different meats and seafood. I indulged in a burger, which was excellent. Also pictured, the haricots verts salad and a sampler of Jeni's ice cream, that stellar stuff out of Columbus OH.
Haricots verts salad at Rookwood

Wood-grilled burger @ Rookwood

Jeni's ice cream at Rookwood

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