Friday, February 17, 2012

Best coffee in town (by a lot)

Hyde Park Coffee Empo
This won't be news to anyone who loves coffee and lives in Cincinnati, but Coffee Emporium is the king of the Queen City when it comes to the bean.
It's probably because they roast their own at the downtown (OTR) location. Man, the stuff is good.
OTR has more indoor seating than does Hyde Park, but the parking is so expensive down there that it's hard to a) find a space at all during weekday mornings, and b) spring for the pricey meters if you do get one.
The Hyde Park locale is wonderful in warm weather because of the many outdoor spots, in front of and behind the cute house where you get your coffee, pastries, etc.
I'm there right now, about to grade a batch of papers while enjoying a superb mug of capuccino.
I do have to avoid the pastries, however, since they are large and caloric. The vegan cinnamon coffee cake would be less guilt-inducing if it were a few ounces smaller. (Yes, I know -- in theory I don't have to eat the whole thing, but what are the odds when it tastes so good?)

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