Wednesday, February 29, 2012

National Nutrition Month -- what you can do to partake

I received this email from the Nutrition Council of Greater Cincinnati, and instead of trying to paraphrase and reproduce the helpful links embedded within it, I've pasted the communication within this post.
Be sure to check out their link "50 ways to eat more fruits and vegetables," below.

Also note that their annual Food on the Run Fitness walk/run is this Saturday, March 3rd -- scroll down for the details.

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Celebrate Nutrition Month
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It's almost time to Get Your Plate in Shape to celebrate National Nutrition Month! Read on to find out the hottest topics in nutrition for March.

 Get Your Plate In Shape
Build a healthy plate. Start with more vegetables and fruit, add smaller portions of proteins and grains. Here are more tips to get your plate in shape.
Use the online supertracker to track your daily food intake and physical activity. Visit for more information.

Food on the Run 2012
Join us for ourFood On The Run annual Food on the Run 10K & 5K Run/Fitness Walk on Saturday, March 3rd. Register online no later than Thursday, March 1st at midnight. 
We recommend participants carpool, we are expecting 1200 runners/walkers. Parking is available for $4 at Yeatman's Cove and other lots. For more information or to get involved contact Jane Boback or visit our website.

We are now on Facebook!

Best of Health,

The Nutrition Council Registered Dietitians


  1. We have all heard the cliche' "You are what you eat". More and more research is proving this very fact. Evidence has been shown that eating the right foods can help to boost immunity, fight fatigue, and protect your health. This month, take the time to evaluate your plate and set a goal to make sure that you are eating for optimum health.

    In love and light,

    Christal DeLoach
    Your Health & Wellness Coach

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