Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sleeping Better -- without drugs

Insomnia and irregular sleep have plagued me much of my lifetime, although I've gotten better at it in recent years. Still, I can sometimes go several nights in a row without getting at least seven hours of sleep. If I don't get at least six, my brain definitely isn't up to snuff as the day and evening wears on.
My last really bad sleep-deprivation period was last spring around the time that my mother died; she had a stroke from which the doctors said she could not recover, and lay in her deathbed for over two weeks before the end. Those weeks and for several thereafter caused me much anguish and made it hard to rest, drugs or no drugs.

Even for lesser disturbances or anxieties, getting enough sleep can be a dicey thing.
Therefore, I am pleased to share with you this informative list of "7 Ways to Get Better Sleep Without Drugs."
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 1. Don't eat right before bedtime. Your body needs time to digest what you eat, and some foods (including alcoholic beverages) can interfere with your sleep cycle.
2. Read before bedtime. I almost can't get to sleep without reading before turning off the light, usually something easy like a magazine article. It's just so relaxing.
3.  Get a better pillow -- and replace it often. You shouldn't use the same pillow for years on end!
4. Consider herbal remedies. This article suggests herbal teas, although I can't really recommend them right before bed because they make me have to get up in the night to pee.
5. Listen to music; just make sure it isn't disturbing anyone else around you (partner, neighbor or otherwise). And it should be a type of music that you find relaxing, not something that causes you to jump around your room practicing dance moves.
6. Visit an acupuncturist. Their remedies might work for you.
7. Try nose strips. They work for some people!
Yes, it's Marilyn Monroe reading in bed

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