Friday, October 26, 2012

Maribelle's in Oakley

Maribelle's used to be located in a cute house with patio on the east side of town, but a few months ago it moved to Madison Road in Oakley, in part of the space that was home to Hugo's.
Interior of Maribelle's
This week, we had a chance to try it out for dinner.
Mostly, we were disappointed -- because it's not really a dinner place. The menu is mostly salads, small appetizers and sandwiches, although they do have three entree features per night.
Unfortunately, they were out of one of the three even though we did not arrive late (7 PM reservation), which gave us only two entree choices. We were OK with the one we chose -- the fish called wahoo, accompanied by a few vegetables -- but a larger selection would have been nicer.

Fish dinner entree

Another bummer: everything is completely a la carte, and none of the appetizers or salads particularly appealed to my husband or me. So I asked for the baguette that was listed as an appetizer for $5, and could not believe the tiny piece of bread the waiter brought. They could easily have given us twice as much bread -- the only accompaniment was a slab of butter -- and still made a tidy profit on the dish.
The wine list was marginally adequate (IMHO) while the beer list was much more extensive, it seemed to me.
We enjoyed our waiter, and the dining room/bar combo has a warm feel. But since Oakley is on the other side of town for us Cliftonites, my husband and I agreed that we are not very likely to return.


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