Sunday, October 21, 2012

New menu, bartender, pastry chef and beverage director at La Poste

La Poste restaurant in Clifton (Cincinnati) is our neighborhood fine-dining option, and we're happy to have such a high quality place within walking distance of our house. But it's also worth a drive across town, if you haven't been -- and return visits if you have, of course.
We went last week to try the new fall menu -- I had the salmon entree pictured, which has spaghetti squash in its "bed" -- a nice sweet touch to the dish.
Salmon entree at La Poste

 Here also is a photo of the new head bartender, whose name is Nikki (didn't catch her last name).
Among new personnel are a beverage director (Tucker, again did not get his last name) as well as the restaurant's first-ever pastry/dessert chef.

Before now, desserts were a significant weak point at La Poste. Thank goodness, that has changed! We split this pumpkin cake with cinnamon ice cream for our dessert.

All good!

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