Tuesday, March 5, 2013

"Nice" restaurant with no butter in the house -- and no deep fryer

I've posted about Seasons 52 before, so this will be brief. My husband joined me for dinner there -- newly opened in Rookwood Plaza, Hyde Park -- over the weekend. In the photo is my filet mignon dinner with mashed potatoes (475 calories for the plate, the restaurant claims) and his broiled trout with roasted potatoes and carrots (about 400 calories).
Entrees @ Seasons 52

On a previous visit, our waitress said that if a customer asks for butter, he/she is out of luck. There is none in the house. Plus she said the kitchen doesn't have a deep fryer.
I think these are great developments and urge everyone to patronize this restaurant. If you don't live in the Cincinnati area, fear not, because it's a chain with locations in several states. I first became acquainted with it in Atlanta, and then Chicago, before one opened here.
To find out if there's a location near you, check out their website: www.seasons52.com.

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