Sunday, March 31, 2013

Break out of a lunchtime rut -- RECIPE

Looking for a break from your turkey sandwiches? How about roasted chicken, arugula (or spinach), roasted red pepper with a smear of pesto? If you buy rotisserie chicken, save some for this sandwich. Or poach boneless breasts in a shallow amount of seasoned chicken stock/broth until the meat is just done.
Use jarred pesto, or make your own.
It's easy, and of course delicious, and serves just as well for a light, protein-rich supper.

RECIPE: Chicken, Arugula and Red Pepper on Focaccia
Makes one sandwich

1 five-inch square whole-wheat focaccia, split in half, or two slices whole wheat bread

1 T pesto

2 - 3 ounces cooked chicken

1 T grated carrots

Arugula or spinach leaves, however many you want

Slices of jarred, roasted red pepper, patted dry


Toast the bread lightly, if desired. Spread each side with some of the pesto. Add a layer of chicken slices, the grated carrots, greens and finally, the red pepper slices. Put top piece of bread on the sandwich, cut in half, and serve!

Adapted from Recipes for Health in The New York Times (photo is theirs)

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