Monday, May 27, 2013

Soft-Shell Crabs are in season now

And what a treat they can be, when cooked properly. That is no easy feat, it seems, because at least half of the times I've ordered them in a restaurant they don't achieve their full potential. I've tried them at home, too, and with decidedly limited success.
If you live in Cincinnati (as we do), the best I've had are at Otto's in Covington. They know how to make them greaseless, with a crispy exterior and juicy/tender on the inside.
We were just in Washington DC, where we had quite good (if not perfect) soft shell crabs at Kremer's Bookstore and Cafe on Connecticut Avenue near Dupont Circle.
Soft shell crab sandwich
Another delicious meal was at Angola (in the same neighborhood), an upscale (but reasonably priced) Greek tapas restaurant at 17th and Q Streets. Here's a photo of a couple of plates -- the zucchini pancakes were especially good. The dessert -- crumbled phyllo with honey and vanilla pudding -- was even better.
Agora Tapas

Agora dessert

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