Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cincinnati's #1 "Neighborhood" Restaurant

Thanks to La Poste for the lovely re-opening reception last night. What a spread -- beef tenderloin, smoked salmon, steamed mussels, sauteed whole mushrooms, excellent cheeses and much more... not to mention a lively, engaging crowd of interesting people from all over the area.
The evening reminded me why this restaurant has got to be the best non-downtown or OTR dining spot in the metro, or at the very least, one of the best.
We Cliftonites are so lucky to have this gem in our 'hood -- just around the corner from our other blessed neighbor, the Esquire Theater. Yes, we'd love to have a grocery store back, but in lieu of that, thank goodness for La Poste & the Esquire.
Seriously though, what other Cincinnati neighborhood(s) have a restaurant that can compete in quality with La Poste?
Enoteca Emilia springs to mind as a wonderful addition to O'Bryonville -- major props to that establishment for elevating in-town, non-downtown or OTR dining.
I'm hard pressed to think of anything comparable in Hyde Park, which is full of chain restaurants of acceptable quality but no independent stars.
Am I missing something? If anyone has a neighborhood favorite -- not counting pizza parlors, tacquerias, burrito dens, etc -- please leave a comment. Oh, if you go across the Ohio there's also Bouquet in Covington. What else?

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