Monday, August 26, 2013

La Poste WILL reopen tonight, on schedule!

I had a call this morning from the restaurant's general manager, who says the staff will be "working our tails off" today to finish up the remodeling and hold the welcome-back reception this evening. Yay! [Kelly also said that they had taken down the reception announcement temporarily so they could wash the windows.] My sincere apologies for misreading the "signs" and concluding that they couldn't possibly be ready to open tonight.
So Clifton's best restaurant LA POSTE will hold a reception tonight, from 6-8 PM, including a spread of complimentary food and wine as they showcase the newly spiffed up interior.
As a huge fan and "regular" customer, I'm planning to be there.
Here's that photo of the lovely rose wine and a special appetizer from a few visits ago........
La Poste

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