Sunday, December 1, 2013

Murphin Ridge Inn: Foodie destination and relaxation heaven

It's just 75 miles from our house in the city, but truly worlds away.
View out the window--from the whirlpool

Murphin Ridge Inn, nestled amid Amish farms in Adams County, OH, has become our beloved retreat from city life.  Don't get me wrong, we love the excitement and stimulation of living in town -- and really despise the boredom and conformity of the suburbs, too. But spending time in a place where you can go for a walk or hike in absolute silence is a priceless treat and treasure.
The Inn includes a 10-room guest house and nine one-room cabins. Dinner and breakfast are served in a separate building -- the historic centerpiece of the property -- while there's also a swimming pool in season, a tennis court, a bonfire pit active almost every night, and miles of hiking trails on the grounds.
Sunrise over the meadowland

The Inn also is renowned for its kitchen; patrons from the western Columbus suburbs and the east side of Cincinnati often drive in for dinner.
We had our second consecutive Thanksgiving meal here while spending two nights in a lovely cabin, which features a king bed, whirlpool bath, see-through gas fireplace, rocking chairs and two porches (though it was too cold this time to sit out there).
I love the hiking trails and take at least two walks per day in them. On the day after Thanksgiving I went for an afternoon walk and would stop to listen: literally, no sounds, not even the wind or any birds. In the summer, you'll hear the birdies, of course. This is such a big deal to someone who is used to the sounds of the city!
At the end of one of the trails you come to a clearing leading onto a farm property. And there was a corral with a beautiful horse all by himself. He saw me and walked right over. Another big deal to the city girl.
Met him on a hike

Regarding meals, I am especially fond of breakfast there -- which is included with accommodations, of course. The main breakfast room is sunny and faces a grove of trees with dozens of bird feeders -- although there weren't too many feathered creatures this time of year -- and fields/meadows beyond. You meet and chat with other guests and the new owners -- a farming family who took over the Inn earlier this year -- and help yourself to yogurt and granola before being served the main breakfast.
(If you're lucky, you'll get to try the Foggy Bottom Pancakes, my favorite breakfast entree.)
Start your breakfast here

Nearby attractions and sights include a couple of Amish stores -- especially the big operation, Miller's -- the Serpent Mound, and many interesting hiking trails of various levels of difficulty.
There is no other comparable property this close to our city. Highly recommended any time of year, though I'll admit I prefer it when it's a little warmer outside. What a delight!

View from our breakfast table

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