Thursday, April 17, 2014

New Local Food Guide

The Central Ohio River Valley published its 2014 Local Food Guide this week, and celebrated with a launch party this week at Om Eco Cafe.
The Cafe was a perfect fit for this organization, which features healthy, sustainable and often organic farmers, food purveyors and related businesses and services in the new guide. Many of the farmers and other businesses represented in the guide attended the party.
New food guide, available around town

Om Eco Cafe, on Ludlow Avenue in the Clifton neighborhood of Cincinnati, is a two-level, three-roomed cafe and shop with a few booths, tables, and a comfy sofa or two. The staff prepared and served some of the tastiest -- and healthiest -- snacks and appetizers that I've ever seen at such an event. It was really very well done!

The guide will be distributed for free all around town, or you can download a copy at this website:

Serving snacks at the event

In case you're not familiar with Om, here is an excerpt from their website explaining their philosophy and menu:
Om Eco Café is "green", meaning Earth conscious, caring for the whole, drawing all that is (w)holy from ourselves.  Om Eco Café supports local businesses, grows its own organic vegetables, and composts and recycles everything possible.

Om Eco Café offers healthy, delicious SEASONAL food and beverages, featuring direct trade, organic, shade grown, locally roasted coffee and espresso. Our food menu offers a variety of healthy choices. Here are a few examples:

  • The BEST Soup: Offering two Om-made organic soups daily. Try a Cuplette!
  • Organic Cuban Black Bean Chili
  • Right out of our garden Salads
  • A Unique variety of Wraps and Sandwiches
  • Om-mazing Healthy Organic Breakfast Choices
  • Quiche of the day
  • Specials Daily
  • Grilled Blackened Tofu
  • Loving Grilled Cheese

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