Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Restaurant Review: Mazunte Taqueria Mexicana

I finally got to try this place that I've heard nothing but good things about.
It's obvious from the moment you walk in the door that good things await. The room is cozy and yet spacious, the dark wood tables and stools along with the colorful wall art all seem inviting -- and right by the door is a station where a middle-aged Mexicana woman makes and displays the house salsas.
Mazunte Salsa Bar

The menu includes four types of tacos, three specialty dishes with rice, and several other hearty main dishes.
As this was just my first visit, I tried the Mixed Tacos: $9 for one each of the fish, shredded pork and skirt steak varieties. (The fourth taco choice is a different preparation entirely -- "rolled and fried crispy with braised chicken" and other ingredients. The tacos I ordered were all made in soft corn tortillas.)
Terrific tacos

The tacos were on a par with those at Bakersfield -- which means excellent -- and my favorite was the fish taco, which you can order with the fish breaded and fried or grilled.
We had a taste of the Pozole ($6.25), a not-too-spicy Mexican soup, which was perfectly seasoned and quite delicious.
I would have been tempted to order tamales, which I love, but the manager said he was still cooking the day's batch and it would be another half-hour before they'd be ready.
Other choices include enchiladas ($9), blue corn quesadillas ($8) and chile relleno ($8.50). They all sound so good, I can hardly wait to go back.
Mazunte is not a bar scene -- unlike Bakersfield -- although you can get bottled beer, Sangria or a Margarita. I'm hoping they might add to their drink options, but even if not, I could make this a regular stop.
Unfortunately, it's not on my side of town -- but it's very near my gym. So I could see stopping in for lunch and/or to carry home some of these dishes to reheat later for dinner.
The counter scene

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