Sunday, November 8, 2009

Healthy snacks for the whole week

It takes just a few minutes to make a week's worth of my great tasting, healthy snacks.

1. Cut one orange or red bell pepper into strips--lay the pepper on its side and slice off the top and bottom; stand it upright, remove the rib and seeds, then slice lengthwise into strips;
2. Open a package of ready-to-eat sugar snap peas;
3. Core and slice one or two large apples, preferably organic--my favorite is honey crisp;
4. Divide the pepper strips and sugar snaps into five even amounts and put each into a zip-lock bag; in five separate baggies, divide up your apple slices. Refrigerate and remove one at a time, as needed.

I separate the apples from the veggies because apples tend to hasten ripening in other fruits and veggies, and after a few days my veggies might not be at their best if in with the apples.

You could substitute grapes for the apples, if you like, and save on baggies. A more eco-friendly way to consume these snacks would be to put the whole bunch into a Tupperware in the fridge, then remove just a day's worth into a smaller vessel to take it with you. But I find the baggies so convenient, it's hard to give them up.

You can take each day's snacks in a briefcase, purse, gym bag or backpack and have fewer reasons to hit the vending machines for unhealthy (sugary, fat-laden, sodium- heavy) alternatives. And you've gotten a couple of fruit/veggie servings in without even trying.

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