Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tips on enjoying sparkling wine

Happiness = Champagne. That works for me. If I can't get Champagne, other bubbly wines can bring a smile to my face, too. From USA Weekend, here are a few interesting tips about how to serve and enjoy sparkling wine.
1) "Don't pop the cork." It's better to "cover the bottle with a napkin and slowly twist the cork loose." You won't waste wine or break something with a wayward cork.
2) "Maximize the Effervescence." To do so, serve at a properly cool temperature and use a tall flute.
3) "Drink it with food." A good tip for virtually all wines, in my book. And Champagne goes with all foods, even those that don't take well to other wines.
4) "Make it last." If you don't finish the bottle, use a stopper.
5) "Expand your palate." Try bubblies you haven't tasted before; compare several side by side to learn about the different styles of sparkling wines. We like to do that on New Year's Eve: ask your friends to each bring a bottle of Champagne. Oh boy!

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