Friday, November 20, 2009

Over-indulging in the Windy City

We arrived yesterday afternoon and went a little wild with the food and drink. First we hit Nacional 27, a place renowned for its mixologist, a man named Adam Seger. He whipped up a fabulous cocktail off the menu, no idea what was in it but it was yummy. Then we went to our favorite Chicago resto, Frontera Grill. It's gourmet Mexican--not like any other Mexi resto you are likely ever to have tried--and luscious. We split an appetizer of three different ceviches, each had a couple glasses of wine and an entree, plus each a dessert.

On the walk back to our hotel we went by Pop's for Champagne--yes, a Champagne bar. Against our better judgment we stopped in for a nightcap.

Today we're at a conference (the ostensible reason for the trip) and have vowed to dial it back a little for the rest of our stay.


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