Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Healthy Foodie Rule #2: Minimize Liquid Calories

I try to limit beverages to these (in order of amount consumed):
Water, tea, wine, coffee and cocktails.
Plain water, whether bottled or tap, should be every healthy foodie's main beverage. If you drink alcohol -- as we often do, having wine with dinner -- be sure to drink one glass of water for each glass of wine or other alcoholic beverage.
Tea is my morning caffeine drink of choice -- I make a large pot with loose-leaf black tea every day. Many studies conclude that both tea and coffee can be part of a healthful diet, with green tea having the most beneficial substances. (I don't like the taste, however, so it's a non-starter for me.)
As you probably know, wine and especially red wine has been shown to have health benefits, although consuming more than a drink or two a day of any alcohol should be avoided.
Cocktails are a recent addition to my beverage list--a perhaps once a week indulgence. I can't really defend it on health grounds but as I said in an earlier posting, I'm not super-strict in my dietary habits.

The drinks I actively avoid are those that add nothing but empty calories to my daily tally--or the vitamins in them are overwhelmed by the sugar and/or fat they contain. This means no soda -- I even minimize diet sodas to a very occasional indulgence -- and no fruit juices. Not to mention no milkshakes or obscenely caloric coffee drinks.

It's not that hard to stick to water when you're thirsty and simple coffee or tea when you need a caffeine boost. Save those calories for something you can sink your teeth into!

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  1. Great advice Pama! I agree wholeheartedly. I start with Coffee (black) and finish with Tea (green/white/) at bedtime. Thankfully we have never been huge soda fans, but squeeze our own juice for spicing up those evening cocktails :o) Bottoms up!