Friday, March 26, 2010

Lunch @ the Palace

My husband, George, and I are at the end of our "spring break" week between winter and spring quarters at the University of Cincinnati, where we are both profs.
To celebrate, we gussied up a bit and went downtown to the Palace Restaurant at the Cincinnatian Hotel.
Maitre d' John McLean welcomed us to the recently updated dining room.
There's a prix-fixe lunch option at this upscale restaurant--$20 for either appetizer and entree or for entree and dessert. Given the high quality of the ingredients, ambiance, service and food prep, that is a great deal.
George chose appetizer/entree--pictured, his tangy/sweet citrus salad appetizer and perfecto fish tacos, a chef's special. I went with appetizer/dessert because I didn't want to miss trying something from acclaimed pastry chef, Summer Genetti.
My lunch was less healthy than my husband's, but quite a treat in lieu of an actual spring break vacation this year. (I had skirt steak, roasted potatoes and broccolini, followed by Summer's intense and sinful chocolate pot de creme.)
We fully intend to return for a leisurely dinner before spring is over -- Summer says they are ready to roll out their spring menu within days.

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