Saturday, March 6, 2010

Jungle Jim's -- for lunch

I hadn't been out to the amazing foodie emporium Jungle Jim's in a couple of years, but my friend from Atlanta wanted to check out the new expansion. (The latest addition is a really nice housewares department, by the way.)
We had lunch at the cafe, and were pleased to see the healthy choices. There are three soups, one of which -- tomato basil with chunks of other veggies -- had nothing but good ingredients. The sub sandwiches are available in half size or whole, and one of the bread choices is a multigrain bun. I had black bean hummus with roasted red pepper and other fresh veggies along with a low-fat yogurt dressing. That and the tomato soup were both quite delicious.
Then we spent hours perusing Jim's fabulous store.
I wish it wasn't 20 miles from my house (in Fairfield) or I'd be a regular visitor.

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