Friday, November 26, 2010

Quick test of heart health

Whether you overdid it just a litle, a moderate amount, or a whole lot yesterday (Thanksgiving), your heart probably dealt with a heavier than usual load of saturated fat.

Here's a surprising (to me) way to test how well your cardio system is working: try to touch your toes.

A new study suggests that whether or not you can touch your toes (especially as you get older) might reveal something important about your heart, and about how stiff the arteries are that supply your heart's blood.

Somehow -- and researchers aren't sure about the reasons for the connection -- flexibility in your muscles also correlates with flexibility in your blood vessels.

For more details on why flexibility is so crucial to heart health, click here

1 comment:

  1. OK, I took your advice and ate the saucy and sugary topped food sparingly....even walked before and after dinner, BUT, I blew it all on my mom's pumpkin pie. I had a piece before dinner, one during, and a piece after dinner. I'm doing my YOGA pennants now and reaching for the piggies everyday. I loved the 'Real Age' advice and am putting it into high gear, as cardiac Christmas is right around the corner!