Monday, February 28, 2011

Calzone: My New Fave

I know this doughy treat is probably no healthier than a carb-heavy pizza, but we've been going to Dewey's Pizza a lot lately and I've rediscovered calzones.
You might think of calzone as pizza turned inside out, but that's not exact. For one thing, ricotta is the main cheese instead of a mozzarella blend.
At Dewey's you pick up to three fillings along with the cheese, and the only tomato sauce comes in a little side dish for dipping. My recent order has been double spinach (two of the three) and either mushrooms or roasted red pepper. I thought the mushroom went better with the spinach than the peppers did.
The calzone is huge; only once have I finished it in the restaurant.
Dewey's has several metro Cincinnati locations, including next to the new movie theaters at Kenwood. If you want to eat before a film, be sure to allow plenty of time because the place is slammed, considering that it is the only eatery in the complex.

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