Sunday, February 13, 2011

V-day DIning @ Local 127

We returned to one of our favorites, Local 127 on 4th Street in downtown Cincinnati, on Saturday night. As happened at many restaurants this year, the Saturday before Valentine's Day was a popular night for the romantic celebration, since V-Day comes on a Monday. (Local 127 is usually closed on Mondays but is opening special for the occasion on 2/14; according to chef Geddes, though, they had more bookings for 2/12 than they do yet for 2/14.)

One of the best things about this establishment is the delightful cocktails provided by Tonic, the bar attached to Local 127. I don't remember the name of the sparkling wine and gin (plus other yummy ingredients, perfectly balanced) drink that I had, but I've loved almost all the libations I've ever tried there so you can hardly go wrong.
[The only bummer was one time I went with friends and we ordered a large pitcher of one of their punches, and it was a zero -- tasted like nothing more than too-sweet pineapple juice. Steer clear of that, if it's even on the menu any more, and you'll be happy.]

For dinner, I had their Waldorf Salad, which they've been serving for months now, much to my delight. It's not your typical Waldorf with chunks of apples, ground walnuts and too much mayo. The photo at top gives you an idea what this one is like: big chunks of toasted walnuts, slices of apple, golden raisins and a light vinaigrette dressing, all atop tender butter lettuce. Superb.
My main course is also a Local 127 standby, Chicken Two Ways (bottom photo).
Click here to check out the rest of their menu, although it may not be 100 percent up to date.

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