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Eating healthy at college

Here's a guest post submitted by Brian Jenkins about universities around the U.S. that make a special effort to provide healthful choices for students, faculty and staff. The photo is of the food court at one of the best, Brown University in Rhode Island.

Thanks, Brian!

College Campuses with Healthy Menus

Yes, students can actually eat healthy at some college dining halls! Here is a look at some of the healthiest cafeterias on college campuses:

Brown University

Through its Community Harvest program, Brown University purchases a great deal of fresh products from local farms. The dining hall stays stocked with delicious local food from each of the food groups.

Cornell University

Cornell offers a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan options. The Eating Well with Cornell Dining logo on the menu items identify foods that are:

· 100% trans fat free
· 100% whole grain
· Low in fat, sugar, and salt
· Made with only fresh ingredients

Yale University

The Yale Sustainable Food Project manages an on-campus organic farm that collaborates on a sustainable dining program at Yale. The school also provides local organic produce and meats.

Duke University

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine reports that Duke has been ranked as the best in the nation for healthy campus food.

University of California, Berkeley

Crossroads, the country's first organic certified kitchen on a college campus, features world cuisine, a 100% organic salad bar, vegetarian/vegan foods, a variety of soups, grilled entrees, and other healthy food items.

University of Washington

UW's food service emphasizes local, organic, fair-trade, and natural foods. Meats are only baked or grilled. Vegetables are steamed without added fats.


PETA named UCLA "the most Vegan-Friendly College in the U.S." among larger schools. UCLA also provides organic options.

College of the Atlantic

The dining hall at COA emphasizes the use of local, organic ingredients. Cuisine from around the world are integrated into the weekly menu.

If you're looking for a college that offers healthy dining options, then keep these fine schools in mind!

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