Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gramma Debbie's Kitchen

Among all the wonderful businesses at my favorite Saturday morning shopping destination, Findlay Market, a recent favorite (and relatively new discovery) is called Gramma Debbie's Kitchen inside the main market building.
I don't believe they have a website, but you can find some info about them from the market's website itself.
My take on this place is a bit "gourmet to go" but with a little down-home kick, and a definite nod to healthy choices, as well.
The menu is divided into Sides, Skillet/Grill Ready, Oven Ready, Heat and Eat,Soups, Breakfast, Vegetables, and Seasonal Salads.
More traditional comfort foods (not the healthy-foodie faves) includes baked beans with sausage and pepper bacon, macaroni and cheese (a couple of versions), stuffed peppers (with sausage and other ingredients), meatloaf, pulled pork barbecue and chicken wings. The there's goetta, buttermilk biscuits and sausage gravy on the breakfast list.
So what does the healthy foodie like here?
All the vegetables pass muster: roasted beets and sweet potatoes; potatoes, carrots and parsnips (also roasted); and my overall favorite, braised kale with cannelini beans--really yummy.
The other section to focus on is the soup list. Try chicken chil, vegetarian chili and vegetarian vegetable. I also like their (raw) chicken burgers.
On top of that, they're carrying some of World Food Bar's stuff. I go for their veggie burgers, and my husband is nuts for their chickpea salad.
Gramma Debbie's is open when the Market is: Tuesdays through Fridays 9-6, Saturdays 8-6 and Sunday 10-4.
Check it out!

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