Friday, April 1, 2011

Movie theaters get a free pass in having to post calorie counts -- what a rip!

When the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sets new rules requiring restaurants, fast-food joints and convenience stores to post calorie counts for their foods, guess what high-calorie, unhealthy, fat-, sodium, and sugar-laden segment of our obesity-inducing food system has successfully lobbied to get their shameless stuff exempt?

Yes, the movie-theater business. As this article notes, a large popcorn and soda at your local cineplex can give you a day's worth of calories -- and virtually no nutrition.

The rules also will not require restaurants to post calories for alcoholic drinks.

Apparently these rules are about to be released, although they won't go into effect until after the FDA receives " feedback" about the details, making it final late this year or sometime in 2012.

The federal agency is complying with a provision of last year's health care reform law.

Oh well, as usual we are pretty much on our own to figure out what we are putting into our bodies. Good luck with that, everyone....

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