Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Good food at two of my fave restaurants

Roasted pear at La Poste

Quiche at La Poste
Within the past few days I've enjoyed lunch with my friend Susan at La Poste in Clifton, and dinner at Local 127 with husband and friends.
Both restuarants are reliably good choices for us, and these recent visits did nothing to dim my ardor.
At La Poste, their wine savvy is unsurpassed in this metro area, and one of the sommeliers there recently told us that they now have the most extensive wine list in all of Ohio -- more than 900 bottles. Sheer size isn't enough to impress me all that much, necessarily. What I really love about their wine choices is that they are so adventurous and clever. Even the by-the-glass selections have few wines that I'm familiar with, which is just great. Luckily, every server knows a lot about the wines so you can get great advice about what to order with what.
Our lunch -- with a little bit of wine, French of course -- was from among their healthier options. Susan got the egg white quiche (I think it had spinach and I'm not sure what else), and I went with the roasted pear salad, stuffed with some prosciutto and a little goat cheese, one of my fave things they do.
Dinner a couple of days later at Local 127 included another always-order, their Waldorf Salad, and for an entree, their stellar scallops. I love the way Chef Geddes plays with textures in food -- there's always some crunch to add interest to the flavors.

Local 127 Scallops

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