Friday, November 25, 2011

Eat right to avoid the "Big C"

Tips for a Cancer Free Diet!
by Leroy Templeton

We all know about the cancer dangers inherent in smoking and other environmental carcinogens, but diet is less often discussed as a cause of cancer. And yet, as recent studies show, diet plays a significant role in approximately 30% of cancer diagnoses. That’s right, almost one third of those diagnosed with cancer can blame, in part at least, what they eat. This is a scary thought, no doubt, but there is some good to it. Since diet is something you can control, you can make your diet fight cancer, rather than promote it, by keeping a few things in mind:
·         Eat Natural Foods           
-          As many of the preservatives and additives in synthetic foods contain carcinogens, it is important to try to eat as natural as possible
·         Avoid Red Meats
-          Red meats have been shown to correlate highly with colon cancer in a number of studies. Its best to substitute leaner poultry and fish whenever possible
·         Monitor Sugar Intake
-          Too much sugar upsets the body’s natural chemicals balances and disrupts the cell division process. When this happens  you put yourself at risk for a number of cancers including pancreatic cancer and pleural mesothelioma
·         Eat More Foods with Antioxidants and Flavonoids
-          Antioxidants help flush out bacteria in the body and flavonoids help repair damaged cells in the body. These nutrients boost the immune system and foster an environment where cancerous tumors have difficulty surviving. They are found in bitter foods like coffee and dark chocolate as well as citrus fruits.

The battle against cancer is not an easy one. But take every precaution you can. Ultimately, if you keep these tips in mind when managing your diet you will be eating much healthier, lowering your chances for a number of health problems as well as lowering your chances for cancer by about 30%. Not to mention, you may even shed a few pounds too ;)
List of cancer-fighting foods

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