Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Make your lunches healthier -- not to mention satisfying, and thrifty too!

It's not that hard to accomplish: lunches that will fill your tummy (and help avoid vending machine lapses later in the afternoon) but also help you keep the pounds off. And lunch should be inexpensive enough not to break your budget, whether you're bringing your own or eating out.
All you need to do is remember to include these three ingredients!
1. Vegetables. Be sure to find ways to load up with veggies, whether it's a baggie full of cut-up raw ones, piles of lettuce or (better) raw spinach and tomatoes on a sandwich, or a veggie-rich salad with some protein added. Which brings us to....
2. Lean protein. This is the stuff that will keep you satisfied for hours and less likely to grab a candy bar or chips. Chicken, turkey breast, tuna, tofu, peanut butter are all possible choices here.
3. Whole grains. The easiest choice is whole grain (such as whole wheat) bread, which also can help you stay full. If you're avoiding bread, try salads made with quinoa or whole wheat couscous, or perhaps cereals such as oatmeal. Brown rice is another good option, as well.

Build most of your lunches around these foods, and you can feel good about your midday meals.

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