Monday, April 2, 2012

Outdoor bar at Rookwood Restaurant opening soon

We had a very fun family dinner this weekend at Rookwood Restaurant in Mt. Adams. It's always a pleasant experience, not the least thanks to some delicious craft cocktails and the house-made tonic that takes any gin & tonic up a few notches.
Our favorite experience there, however, is to eat on the two-level deck overlooking the city. Not only is there a separate bar but (even better) the outdoor, charcoal grill puts out some of the yummiest burgers in the city.
No service out there yet -- although we took our cocktails and enjoyed them on the top deck picnic table -- but we're informed that the outdoor bar is set to open on 4/12, with the grill to fire up as soon thereafter as weather permits.
When that happens, you can chow down on one of these terrific hamburgers, photographed by yours truly last summer. 

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