Friday, May 25, 2012

Hahahahahahaha -- Laughing and your health

Thanks to a reader for sending this article, which I'm excerpting below. To read the whole thing (11 reasons laughter is great for us), click here.

“We’ve all heard the old saying that laughter is the best medicine, but new research is demonstrating that there may be some serious weight behind the adage. Numerous studies have shown that laughter can have a powerful effect on your well-being, happiness, and overall health and longevity, often in ways of which you aren’t even aware. Want to learn more? Read through our list of the health benefits of laughter to get a quick education on the matter. You may just find yourself wanting to watch a comedy, call up a funny friend, or even take a laughter yoga class after learning all the amazing benefits a good laugh can offer your overall health.

Some benefits of laughing include:

It's relaxing to your whole body
Boosts the immune system
Releases endorphins
Reduces stress
Helps us cope
Strengthens relationships

Happy Memorial Day weekend -- let the summer begin! -- and I hope you have some good laughs over the holiday.

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