Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Springtime's "Super Foods"

We don't have to wait until the summer or fall harvests to chow down on incredibly healthy, locally grown, in-season foods. Local asparagus (now available at Findlay Market and others) and strawberries (still a couple of weeks away, most likely) taste way better than anything from the supermarket, but there are several other great foods that are being harvested now and available at local farmers markets.

They include kale, fennel, spinach, leeks and artichokes -- all wonderful, yummy ingredients for savory dishes (or eat the spinach raw in salads and as a substitute for lettuce in sandwiches).
Click here to read an article about the NINE SUPERFOODS OF SPRING and why they are such nutritional powerhouses.


  1. This is the fourth year for my strawberries and I decided to start weighing my yield. We are averaging about 5 ounces a day! :)My latest joy is to puree some with the overabundance of the garden's mint and add it to a nice glass of white rum!

    1. Yum, that strawberry/run/mint combo sounds great. I live in the city and grow only herbs -- the deer (or something) eat everything else I've tried. Makes me a good customer at Findlay and Northside Markets!

  2. This blog is incredible. I wanted to have a seedlings of strawberry.I will plant them at my backyard.
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