Sunday, June 24, 2012

Easy-to-Grow Vegetables and Herbs

Farmers' markets are great places to buy summer produce of all kinds, but it also can be convenient -- and rewarding -- to grow a few of your own edibles.
My yard doesn't have sunshine in the right places for an extensive vegetable garden, but I do grow a variety of herbs in pots on the deck just outside my kitchen. I'll always have fresh mint for juleps and iced teas, basil and oregano for sauces, parsley and chives for garnishes, among other handy culinary embellishments.
But if you have the space, it's really quite easy to grow certain vegetables. Green beans, radishes, lettuce mixes, beets, cucumbers and carrots all can be pretty foolproof for the amateur gardener. If you're interested in starting a small garden, click here to read about how to get started with these and other veggies and herbs -- and how to use (cook with) each of them.

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