Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Go to bed slightly hungry" -- brilliant!

Can't remember where I read this recently, but it was in a short review of a new book about how to live a healthy life -- and not get fat.
The most interesting piece of advice -- in fact, it jumped off the page at me -- was that whenever possible you should GO TO BED SLIGHTLY HUNGRY.
I love that idea. One of the most miserable feelings IMHO is to try to get to sleep after a too-big meal. It seems completely unhealthy to eat a lot within a couple of hours of bedtime.
We just returned from a 10-day vacation, which included as always too much calorie consumption. I am afraid to go near a scale until after a few days at home, eating with more discipline. Even then, it feels like I've gained a few pounds that will not come off easily.
Over the next couple of weeks (or more) while I try to get rid of the muffin top, I'm going to include this goal in my routine: GO TO BED SLIGHTLY HUNGRY. (I'll let you know if and how well it works...)
We don't want to look like Homer!

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