Monday, June 4, 2012

NYC proposed mega-drink ban: Here's what I think

Mayor Bloomberg with big, bad drinks
Mayor Bloomberg's proposal last week to ban sales of sugary soft drinks over 16 ounces has caused a lot of controversy. As a healthy foodie, though, I think it is a bold and positive move.
When we were in the city last December I was confronted with the results of another Bloomberg anti-obesity initiative: requiring restaurants to post calorie counts. At a Starbucks near my hotel I saw the shocking number of calories in a "tall" (i.e., small) eggnog latte and remarked to the person next to me in line: "Guess I've had my last eggnog latte." And I mean it.
Knowledge is power, sometimes.
The mayor's current effort has gotten a predictable response from Coca-Cola and McDonald's (click here to read what they say about it), which in some circles probably just helps support the ban. I mean, with enemies like these....

IMHO, Americans need to be reminded at every turn that our culture is overloading us with too much caloric, cheap, way too easy to consume junk food (and drink). We are up against an industrial food system that does very well at (over) feeding the masses, efficiently and profitably.
Thanks, Mr.Mayor, for going out on a limb in the name of public health!

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