Monday, February 25, 2013

Eat adventurously: 25 foods to try at least once

A reader sent in a link to her posting on another blog; it's called "25 Foods Everyone Should Try at Least Once." Click here to read that list.
While not everything on the list meets healthy-foodie standards -- lobster thermidor, poutine, fried plantains, for instance -- I can't argue with the logic that eating something once can't hurt, and it could well broaden your foodie horizons.
Many listed foods aren't that exotic for us these days, even though we may not eat them often. How many of the 25 have you tried? I'm at 20 or 21, best that memory serves. My favorite? Definitely black truffles, a rare and marvelous treat. Here are a few of the items, some of which come from my own photos, others from the Web.
Fettucine with BLACK TRUFFLES (foreground)
Shrimp and chicken GUMBO

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