Sunday, February 3, 2013

New -- and new-ish -- and notable dining in our town

I've recovered from a virus that laid me low, and am getting back in the game of dining around Cincinnati.
Staff at Eat Well Cafe
--Went with a friend to the new breakfast/lunch spot in O'Bryonville, called Eat Well. (The spot used to house What's for Dinner.) The new owners have painted, redecorated, and redesigned the space, and the food was quite good. Lunch was packed on a Friday, mostly with groups of women, trying an array of soups, salads and sandwiches. We had a vegan corn chowder, served with a couple of slices of pita toast. It was good! The place also features a small selection, changing daily, of gourmet-to-go items designed to be brought home for dinner.

--We ducked into the new Japanese restaurant in the Gateway Quarter downtown (14th and Vine) and made dinner reservations for next weekend. The room is open, spacious and well lit, and the hostess said she loved the food. Will report on it soon; Japanese cuisine tends to be quite healthy, so I have high hopes that this will get a healthy-foodie stamp of approval.
--Also enjoyed tacos and cocktails at Bakersfield -- also on Vine Street -- and wine with appetizers at our neighborhood favorite, La Poste in Clifton.
Great tacos, Bakersfield

Clifton's Fine Dining Option

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