Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cutting-Edge Healthy Foods: Bet you haven't tried most of these

Vegetable smoothies
So you're already eating kale (or other dark greens), almonds, wild salmon and blueberries. Those are all terrific, healthy foods. But here's a list of "new" -- and much less common -- items that you might want to seek out. Click on this link to read why each of them might be about to get its turn in the foodie spotlight.
1. Chia seeds
2. Coconut flour
3. Vegetable smoothies
4. Skyr (a yogurt from Iceland)
5. Seaweed
6. Hemp
7. Kefir
8. Rooibos tea
9. Almond milk
10. Amaranth

I have to admit, my own experience with these is minimal -- the occasional seaweed salad with sushi, a bit of almond milk or kefir (liquid yogurt, more or less), and a brush with rooibos tea, which can perk you up without caffeine.
Seaweed salad
Source: Eating Well magazine


  1. Siggi's has the best skyr I've tried so far :)

    Amaranth is amazing, nutty and slightly sweet. It's fun to pop and use in granola bars for texture and flavour. I also like to cook it like grits in coconut milk and then top it off with an egg fried in coconut oil for the ultimate breakfast!

    Coconut flour isn't great in baking, but i love to use it as a thickener in soups and sauces.

  2. Thanks for the tips. I will try amaranth, because I already love alternative grains.