Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Family Night @ La Poste

Or maybe they're calling it community night. In any case, beginning this week La Poste in Clifton will be closing on Mondays except for one time a month. On the "second Monday" they'll open for a few hours in the evening for a family-style meal.
Monday November 11 was the inaugural event; here's a photo of the buffet table.
For $20  a person, there won't be a menu, but platters of food will come out of the kitchen from 6-8 PM. This week the entrees were fried chicken and roast pork, with enough pasta and veggie sides to satisfy vegetarian eaters, as well.
Alcoholic drinks are not included but are available.
Though you can't see it in my no-flash photo, there's also a jazz band playing, which will be part of the scene ongoingly. Children are welcome, and many were in attendance.

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