Friday, February 12, 2010

Mom's Birthday -- with great cakes

Today (Feb. 12th) is the birthday of Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin and my mother, Wilma Mason. She lives a mile and a half from our house among the kind, caring staff at Scarlet Oaks Retirement Community.
Today we staged a party for her!
I brought a delicious sheet cake -- yellow cake with chocolate icing, the best basic combo -- from Servatii's Bakery, supplemented by an amazing assortment of mini-cupcakes from Take the Cake bakery.
In addition to many of her friends and staffers at Scarlet Oaks, my husband dropped in to wish her well.
Hope you enjoy the photos!


  1. Very classy sweet treats. Makes me upset we missed it but I'm glad it was a hit. Do you know whether she got the birthday card I sent her? ~Kris

  2. Hi Pama....I loved the pictures and loved seeing your Mom. Is she actually using the wheel chair these days? I can't believe that she is 89! I lost a year somewhere because I kept thinking that she was 88. The cakes looked amazing and sounded very yummy! I wish that I could have been there. Love to all and Happy Birthday greetings to your Mom. I hope that she received both the card and the voice mail.