Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Quinoa -- easy to make, tasty whole grain

Whole grain foods make great side dishes, or even main courses studded with vegetables and additional protein sources such as shellfish, chicken or cheese.
One very versatile grain is quinoa, which also has the benefit of being quick-cooking. It takes about 15 minutes to cook. From there, you can serve it hot or cold, all kinds of ways.
My favorite food magazine, Eating Well, features several quinoa recipes on their website this week.
Here's a marvelous quinoa dish--pictured above--that combines delicious scallops with crunchy snow peas and red bell pepper.
Search the site for additional ways to enjoy this healthy ingredient!


  1. Awesome shot Pama - I wanted to scoop it right up!

  2. Sounds lovely, Pama and great shot! I hadn't thought of putting scallops in it. We make a different quinoa salad each wk at the teahouse, but my fave combo is w/ french green lentils, veggies, a light vinaigrette w/ olive oil, and maybe a few crumbles of feta.