Monday, April 12, 2010

Bison (buffalo) Steak

We've been fans of bison burgers for years. Bison (buffalo) has significantly less fat and saturated fat than beef, and thus far at least the production of bison has happened outside of the industrial food system. There's a ranch in Richmond OH -- Vista Grand -- that provides much of the bison available in our market.

Whenever we pass through Lexington, KY, we love to stop at Ted's Montana Grill for bison burgers with all the trimmings. They have bison steaks, too, but we've never gone that route.

This past weekend, we tried bison fillets from Vista Grand. It was delish! I grilled them, made a simple mushroom/black pepper sauce and served the steaks with roasted red potatoes and grilled asparagus. All that made for one fine Saturday supper at home. We also cracked open a bottle of Super Tuscan wine called Giorgio Primo, hand carried from Florence, IT, on our trip last summer.

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