Sunday, April 25, 2010

Step away from the French fries -- and other healthy foodie no-nos

Here's a guest posting from a fellow healthy foodie. Her name is Shannon Wills, and she wanted to share her take on what NOT to eat.

10 Unhealthy Foods to Avoid

It’s all about good health today – what we eat, what we do, and how we live, they all affect how healthy we are. The biggest culprit when it comes to poor health is food – when we make the wrong food choices, no matter how much we exercise or lead an active life, it causes a detrimental effect on our health. So if you’re looking to turn over a new leaf and switch to healthy food, here’s a list of the top foods you must avoid:

1. Fries: This one finds its way to the top of the list because it’s fried and salted. In short, anything that’s dipped in oil and dripping with oil is a definite no-no.

2. Sodas: They not only add empty calories (zero nutritional value) to your diet, but also contain large amounts of sugar that weaken your immune system. Even the ones that have the word “diet” on them are laden with chemicals. So avoid anything with added sugar or preservatives.

3. Canned goods: When any food item is canned, it’s naturally loaded with preservatives and additives to keep it fresh. So avoid canned goods as much as you can and prefer to cook using fresh ingredients.

4. Pastries: The main ingredients are refined flour, sugar and hydrogenated fat – need I say more?

5. Dairy products: Although you do need dairy for your calcium requirements, choose healthier options like the low fat variety when it comes to milk, yoghurt and cheese.

6. Fast food: The burgers and pizzas may tempt your taste buds, but if you must have fast food, avoid the cheese, mayo, and the red meat in your bread. Rather, choose to add more onions and tomatoes to your sandwich or burger and ask for the small sized one.

7. Butter: or any fatty spread you like on your bread, like peanut butter and sugary jams are not good for either your waistline or your health.

8. Salty foods: Another food item to avoid like the plague is salt – so potato chips, pretzels and most other snacks are out. While nuts are good, keep away from the salted ones. And avoid alcohol if you have the habit of nibbling on salty snacks while sipping on your drink.

9. Red meat: Beef, venison and other red meats are high in cholesterol and hard to digest. So ask for a chicken or turkey sandwich if you must have one. Also avoid seafood like lobster and crabs because they’re high in cholesterol too.

10. Foods with processed grain: Anything that’s processed too much is not good for you; so that eliminates white rice, pasta and just about any food that’s not made with wholegrain.


This guest post is contributed by Shannon Wills, she writes on the topic of Physical Therapist Assistant . She welcomes your comments at her email id:

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