Saturday, January 8, 2011

Eat this, lose weight

Forget starvation -- you will just keep yo-yoing. To lose weight, you have to eat. But eating the right foods is the ticket. Here's a list of 11 foods that will fill your tummy, be good to your heart, and help those pounds melt away.

  1. Yogurt (buy plain nonfat or lowfat and add your own flavors, such as vanilla extract and Splenda)

  2. Eggs

  3. Pistachios (all nuts are the healthy foodie's friend!)

  4. Grapefruit (in season now, and delicious)

  5. Avocado (healthy fats!)

  6. Mushrooms

  7. Olive oil (the foundation of the Mediterranean diet)

  8. Whole grains (buy whole wheat bread)

  9. Red pepper (we're talking cayenne here -- heat up your soups with a dash)

  10. Fava beans (again, any beans are our friends)

  11. Brown rice (yes it's a whole grain, but an especially good one; buy it frozen in microwave bags that cook in 3 minutes)

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