Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ethical Eating -- What it means and how to do it

I had an email from a blogger who turned me on to her website and an a recent article there about ethical eating.

According to the article, ethical eating refers to paying attention to where your food comes from and how what you eat has an impact on other humans, animals and the environment. Ethical eating makes us better stewards of our planet, among other things, which makes it worth considering, I believe.

The article, "40 Easy Ways to Eat more Ethically," has lots (40, obviously!) of suggestions about how to become more aware of the ethical ramifications of what we put into our bodies.

Here are just a few, or click on the article title to see the whole list.

1. Eat less meat

2. Eat less processed food

3. Start composting

4. Find out where your food comes from

5. Cut out the fast food

6. Plan your meals

7. Eat at home when possible

8. Read labels

9. Shop at farmers markets

10. Grow your own (veggies, herbs, etc.)

Thanks to Celina Jacobson at Masters in Health Care for the info!

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